Calc D3+Zn


Jakke Calc D3+Zn is calcium, vitamin D3 and zinc preparation for dogs, complementary feed to maintain bone and joints functioning and well-being.

Calcium is very important for bone development. Vitamin D3 promotes calcium absorption. Jakke Calc D3+Zn has a calcium content of 23 to 24.2%.

The product is also available in larger 2 kg and 5 kg jars, ask for an offer by emailing

Jakke Calc D3+Zn calcium 235 mg/ g, zinc 7,46 mg/ g and vitamin D3 2.6 mcg/ g. No fillers.

Instructions for use: daily dosage, mixed with food, (measuring 5 ml ~ 3 g)

1 measuring spoon / 10 kg bodyweight; puppies, pregnant and lactating female dogs 2 measuring spoons / 10 kg bodyweight.

Take into account the amount of calcium your dog gets from other foods.

Sufficient calcium intake is very important for puppies, especially if the puppy's feeding is based on raw feeding, because calcium is very important for the development of bones and teeth