Finnish Jakke dog supplements

We are a small family business in Lappeenranta, Finland and we have manufactured Jakke supplements since 2016 for your dog´s wellbeing. Over the years, we’ve received a lot of really positive feedback - our desire to make valuable, organic supplements for dogs is a matter of the heart for us.

We are the registered feed manufacturer in Finnish Food Authority. Finnish Jakke dog supplements have been made from premium raw materials that guarantee product quality. Our raw-materials come from large, reliable and reputable raw material suppliers from Finland and Europe.

For Jakke supplements, the concentrations are fine and you do not waste it. Jakke supplements have the best levels on the market - compare! Jakke joint supplements do not contain any fillers and the dosage is really small. In Jakke products we can say: Quality replaces the quantity!

Jakke nutritional supplements have been designed to be as organic as possible and are important to your dog's wellbeing - and at the latest when your dog has potential health problems.

With Jakke supplements your dog gets joy and comfort in his/hers life and your dog's physics gets natural vitality. You are more comfortable to enjoy exercises with your dog which has good health.

Where does Jakke come from?

Jakke was my own beloved German Shepherd, who sadly died in a car struck only six years of age (1985 - 1991).(Eija)

Jakke” has been designed by myself since the logo; Including labels and brochures. The dog whose image is used in the products is Jakke.

”Jakke” is a registered trademark.


Our family dog

Our family has always included dogs - now we have Vili (reg. Huli, born 27.9.2019) keeping the pace.

Vili is a cheerful Lapland reindeer dog; he also likes to pose as our mannequin in Jakke ads