Ke-hu Komeetta toy


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Finnish-made Ke-hu toys were originally created as paid toys for hobby dogs.

The Ke-hu Komeetta is an arrogant plush wage toy made of high-quality long-fur faux fur. The long-haired hair fascinates the dogs and the added fun of playing is brought to the toy-containing whistles. There are two whispers inside the toy. The shades of artificial hair vary in shades of green, orange and red. At the end of the toy is a flexible and hollow Chuckit ball.

Size: hair length about 27 cm, width about 10 cm. Total length about 55 cm. The height of the ball is 6 cm.

The toys are made of high-quality, carefully selected materials. Durability and usability are paramount in the choice of materials, the most important criterion immediately after them is the pleasure produced by the toys. The toy's high-quality faux fur does not leave much lint, but please note that it will not last if the dog starts to tear its hair with its front teeth. Versions that are as durable as possible have been chosen, but if the dog's tooth passes through the whine, they will be silenced.

Please note that these toys are not intended to be entertaining or upsetting. At their best, Ke-Hu is in the games between the dog and the owner. Please watch your dog play with the toy.


Ke-hu toys are made in Finland.