Ke-hu Unicorn toy


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Finnish Ke-hu toys have been created as paid toys for hobby dogs.

This Ke-hu toy is decorated with unicorn patterns. Yksisarvinen toy was originally made a seasonal toy, but with its great popularity, the toy will remain in the ranges for the time being.

Ke-hu Yksisarvinen features a wonderfully soft, hollow and really flexible golf ball-looking ball made by Planet Dog. A toy fur strip adds interest to the toy. The handle has elasticity and a soft fleece lining with a hand loop.

Size: the height of the ball is about 5.5 cm, the total length of the toy is about 38 cm.

The ball has good durability and is suitable for most dogs.

The toys are made of high-quality, carefully selected materials. For example, only balls made of non-toxic rubber compounds that are harmless to dogs are used in toys. Durability and usability are paramount in the choice of materials, the most important criterion immediately after them is the pleasure produced by the toys. We strive to create toys with a good mood that dogs like and whose vibrant color scheme brings joy to dog owners as well. The colors of the toys vary seasonally.

Please note that these toys are not intended to be entertaining or upsetting. At their best, Ke-Hu is in the games between the dog and the owner. Please watch your dog play with the toy.

Ke-hu toys are made in Finland.